Jury Tells Both Sides To Pay Up In Ice Cream Fight

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BOSTON (AP) - A jury has awarded $720,000 to a Massachusetts dessert company that accused its ice cream supplier of destroying its business by secretly altering the frozen treat recipe.The verdict came Friday in the legal battle between 600 lb Gorillas Inc. and Mister Cookie Face LLC. 

The jury also awarded Mister Cookie Face $270,000 for products 600 lb Gorillas never paid for.600 lb Gorillas accused Mister Cookie Face and its parent company of watering down the ice cream for its sandwiches.

Mister Cookie Face denies its ice cream was subpar.Andrew Lorin, an attorney for 600 lb Gorillas, said his clients are thrilled even though the payout is less than the $3.9 million they sought.

Blake Hannafan, a lawyer for the supplier, also applauded the verdict. He says 600 lb Gorillas "overreached."

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