Shark Sightings Are The Talk Of Town On Cape Cod

SANDWICH, MA (WBZ-AM) --  It's the talk of the town here in Sandwich. A fisherman reported seeing a shark near his boat, right outside the entrance to the canal. 

Authorities are urging beachgoers on the upper Cape to use caution when swimming. The warning comes after two more sharks were spotted in the waters off Barnstabel and Sandwich 

While those on the Cape are on high alert, some are taking caution with the warnings.

Frank Maresci is an old-time Cape Cod clammer.

"I don't wanna go in the water, even when I go clamming because I'm afraid. (laughter) I'll wait til low tide and then go clamming - two to three feet total, because I'm afraid. They come in close when they're hungry," Maresci said.

Sharon lives near the canal. She says all the recent shark sightings have made her more careful in the water

"I'm cautious of how deep I go. I'm looking for seals and just wondering what's under the water where you can't really see."

Sharon's grandson Quinn isn't worried at all

"As long as there's no seals and I'm shallow where I can touch, I'm fine with it." he said.

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