Market Basket Changes Deli Policy After NH Gov, Town Manager's Tweets

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LONDONDERRY, New Hampshire (WBZ-AM) -- An ongoing issue at a supermarket's deli got the attention of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu this month--leading to a change in policy.

Londonderry, New Hampshire Town Manager Kevin Smith first took to Twitter on August 2 asking Market Basket to stop putting the price tag stickers over the zipper of the deli bag. He said it was impossible to open it without destroying the bag.

Then, Gov. Sununu responded, saying he has to re-bag cheese every time.

"Initially, you start getting a few likes, and you say oh, apparently other people had this problem, too," Smith told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. "But then when the Governor chimed in and expressed his frustration with the same, I thought, maybe this is actually gonna go somewhere."

Market Basket even responded, saying they were sorry about the inconvenience and would talk to their deli departments about making a change.

Well, Market Basket took their advice--and on Wednesday, both Smith and Sununu tweeted that the stickers were moved away from the bags' zippers.

"Much to my surprise, couple of weeks later, same situation, went home, I took the deli meat out--my wife had done the shopping for it, so I hadn't seen it when it was bought--and all of a sudden I noticed, the labels are no longer over the Ziploc, and I couldn't have been happier," Smith said.

The Governor said he was celebrating with grilled cheese for dinner.

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