Man Found With 3 Dead Bodies At Home Faces Arraignment

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) — The man charged with killing three women whose bodies were found at his home is facing arraignment.

Stewart Weldon is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Hampden Superior Court on 52 charges, including three counts of murder and 11 counts of rape.

Prosecutors say the 52 charges involve not just the three women found in the Springfield home, but 11 alleged victims.

The bodies were found at Weldon's Springfield home in May after the 40-year-old Weldon was pulled over and a woman in his car said she had been held against her will, beaten and sexually assaulted.

They were identified as 47-year-old Ernestine Ryans, 34-year-old America Lyden and 27-year-old Kayla Escalante.

Weldon's attorney, Brian Murphy, said Weldon is "looking forward to defending himself" in court.

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PHOTO: Getty Images

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