Busing Issues Continue As Boston Schools Open

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BOSTON (24/7 NewsSource/WBZ-AM) -- More problems with buses are being reported as Boston public schools begin opening for the year.  

School officials were left scrambling to cover bus routes yesterday after an unusual number of drivers did not come to work. Around a dozen schools began classes yesterday, and some children were left stranded at their bus stops in rising temperatures when buses did not arrive.  

"Due to an unusually large number of unexpected school bus driver absences this afternoon, the Boston Public Schools Transportation Department and its vendor, TransDev, had challenges picking up students from 12 schools," Boston Public Schools said in a statement Wednesday morning. "We have taken immediate steps to staff more drivers on impacted routes and have been in contact with school leaders, who notified students’ families. BPS is working closely with TransDev on a plan for adequate coverage for the remainder of the week."

School officials are not saying why so many drivers were absent on the first day of classes. The bus drivers' union contract with the school system's transportation contractor is set to expire on Friday, and there's so far been no agreement on a new contract.

24/7 NewsSource contributed to this report

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