Stray Dog Gets Make Over From Boston Police; Local Business

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Stray dogs rarely look their best on the street under all that mop of hair.

But for this dog seen above this photo was picked up by Boston Police and given the makeover of their life.

The dog was found in the area Washington Street in Dorchester, Boston Police Officer Shikoluk, assigned to District C-11, He with matted fur and overgrown nails wandering aimlessly around the busy street.  

According to Boston Police because of the heat, Officer Shikoluk carried the dog to his cruiser and brought him back to the district station. 

Well known dog lover, Lieutenant Leary, contacted The Modern Dog, a local business in Dorchester, to help. 

The owner offered his services and Lieutenant Leary used money out of her own pocket to provide the pooch with a much-needed makeover.

Boston Police nicknamed the dog, “Harry” in reference to the district's sign. After it's makeover it was brought to Boston Animal Control for an evaluation.

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