Boston, New Orleans Among Areas Debating Vacation Rental Rules

Amid complaints that a proliferation of short-term rental properties has diminished quality of life in historic neighborhoods and contributed to a lack of affordable housing, New Orleans slapped a moratorium on issuing licenses for short-term rentals of whole houses. Revisions to its regulations are likely this fall. Meanwhile, other cities and states also are grappling with how best to regulate the short-term rental of homes.


Boston's City Council passed regulations in June banning investors from renting apartments by the night but still allowing people to rent a room in their homes or a spare unit, provided they own and live on the property.


Among South Portland's regulations is a requirement that owners live in the homes that they rent to short-term visitors. But there has been controversy, and the Portland Press Herald reports the City Council is mulling whether to call a referendum to let voters decide.


The city has long wrestled with the issue of short-term vacation rentals. This year, residents have been debating Mayor Kirk Caldwell's plan to legalize more vacation rentals but under stricter regulations.


Mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed a bill requiring Airbnb to reveal the names and addresses of hosts so the city can crack down on illegal listings.

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