Recount Likely in 3rd Congressional District Primary Race

Daniel Koh (Left) Lori Trahan (Right) (Credit: Twitter)

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- The margin is razor thin with just 52 votes separating Daniel Koh and Lori Trahan in the 3rd Congressional District Democratic race. 

"Now that 100 of the votes have been counted, I am confident that I am your democratic nominee," Trahan said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Dan Koh has until Friday at 5 PM to collect signatures from 500 registered democrats to request a recount in the 3rd Congressional District in his primary battle with Lori Trahan.

Alan Agnelli is the City Clerk in Gardner, MA. Like other City and Town Clerks in the district, were told  by the Secretary of State's Office to secure the ballots under lock and key ahead of a possible recount.

Gardner has 1604 certified democratic ballots which are counted by machine on election night.

If a recount does happen Agnelli tells WBZ NewsRadio1030 that if there is recount they maybe recounted by hand.   

"Each candidate is allowed to have observers on both sides of the table to watch the reader and the person who is recording the vote on the other side to make sure that there is no error or they can challenge the ballot if it's unclear on what's the intent of the voter," he said. 

Agnelli has been the City Clerk for the City of Gardner for 9 years and has never had to do a recount but has helped with a hand recount in another community in 2017.

As Koh's campaign will review the  process in the recount. they say that if Trahan is declared the winner then Koh will offer his enthusiastic support for her in the general election.

WBZ NewsRadio1030's Ben Parker reports.

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