Recount Ordered In Massachusetts Congressional Primary Race

Bill Galvin (Credit Bill Gavin For Secretary of State/Facebook)

BOSTON (AP) — Democratic Secretary of State William Galvin has ordered a district-wide hand recount in the state's 3rd Congressional District after U.S. House candidate Daniel Koh filed enough signatures to request the action.

The recount of the Democratic primary ballots comes after results certified by Galvin's office Monday show Koh lost the primary to fellow Massachusetts Democrat Lori Trahan by 122 votes.

The difference between the two candidates is less than one half of one percent, allowing Galvin to order a recount throughout the entire district.

Galvin also announced Monday that he will be taking direct control of the election offices in the cities of Lawrence and Lowell.

Galvin said he will appoint officials to run upcoming recounts in those cities and to oversee the administration of the Nov. 6 general election.

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