Community Mourns Lawrence Teen Killed In Gas Explosion

LAWRENCE (WBZ-AM) - - 18-year-old Leonel Rondon was killed by a falling chimney during Thursday night's shocking gas incident that affected the communities of Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover.

"The Lawrence schools community is deeply saddened by the loss of one of its members... in the series of gas-related accidents that struck multiple Merrimack Valley communities yesterday," Lawrence Public Schools and Phoenix Charter Academy said in a statement. 

Rondon attended Oliver School, UP Oliver Academy, Lawrence High School, and most recently Phoenix Charter Academy. He was a junior and received his driver's license just a few hours before the gas incident.

"Staff and students knew him as an outgoing, light-hearted, hands-on learner who particularly loved science and excelled in biology and math. He had just begun his junior year at Phoenix after a successful 2017-18, and teachers recall his drive to graduate as a model to classmates."

(Photo: Facebook)

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