WATCH: Great White Shark Steals Fish From Fisherman

Credit:  Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --A group of fisherman fishing off the coast of Chatham had a close encounter with a Great White Shark.

In a video submitted to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and posted to their Facebook page on Monday, you can see a man attempting to bait a stripper fish off a boat. 

As the fish swims towards the fishing line, a dark figure can quickly be seen before a full head of the Great White Shark surfaces from the water grabbing the fish and making the dive into the waters of Nantucket Sound.

See Video Below (Warning Contains Vulgar Language)

"We've had a large number of videos, photos and reports come in this season of white sharks grabbing fish off fishermen's lines on the outer Cape and Cape Cod Bay. The number of white sharks off the coast of MA remains high in September and October. We advise fishermen to take this into consideration when handling fish around their vessel," the post said.

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