NH Police Officer Fatally Shoots Motorist

courtesy of Jason Lawrence via Wikimedia Commons

EPPING, NH  (WBZ-AM)---A New Hampshire police officer shot and killed a motorist on Route 101 in Epping Saturday night, when a traffic stop went bad.

After receiving a police dispatch notice regarding an erratic motorist on Route 101, a New Hampshire State Trooper noticed a white pick up truck pulled over on the side of the road. The officer approached the vehicle driven by Walter Welch, Jr. and a violent encounter occurred in which the Trooper shot Welch. Welch, age 40, died at the scene. Responding officials found a gun in his hand. The officer was not injured but was evaluated at a local hospital and released.

According to procedure,  the Trooper's name is being withheld while he is on administrative leave and the incident is investigated. An autopsy will be performed on the deceased Monday.

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