Carl Stevens Poem: Red Sox vs Yankees

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens.


There’s a chill in the air; autumn is here.

I’m getting hot chocolate; it’s too cold for a beer.

I’m wearing layers, as light becomes dark;

And the cold moon smiles on Fenway Park.

A crazy history envelopes the night:

From the Babe to Big Papi, and the lovely sight

Of a curse destroyed, an open door

That greeted the Red Sox in 2004.

What greater rivalry have we ever seen

Than the spit and the dirt from these two teams;

A baby of vengeance in the beak of a stork,

The rebirth, once again, of Boston versus new york.

It’s a big old book, with a brand new page,

As the Sox and the Yankees tonight take the stage.

What crude miracles will disappear like the sun,

In the future memories of tonight’s game one.

What large bright hitter will suddenly pale

‘Neath the heat of a fastball from our own Chris Sale?

Will Stanton crush sliders past midnight’s arcade,

Or will we all witness a gray pinstripe fade?

What talented player holds victory’s fuse?

One team will win, and the other will lose.

And we’ll watch together, the field we’ll plow

With the wonder of eyes and the poetry of now.

There’s something bigger, though, we may not see,

The cool playoff air of community.

Win or lose, we gather together,

October baseball in this chilly weather.

Our hearts take the medicine of what we hear and see,

In this great old green monster pharmacy.

So take off those mittens, stand up and applaud,

Because this is real, this ain’t no fraud.

It’s as real as a crack of the bat in the night.

It’s the Red Sox/Yankees…..ahh, what a sight.

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