'British' Troops To Reinvade In Colorful Boston Reenactment

BOSTON (AP) — The British are coming — again.

This weekend, more than 200 volunteers from across New England are re-enacting the arrival of British troops to Boston in 1768.

Some will play British redcoats; others will portray the rebellious colonists who eventually routed them.

Events on Saturday and Sunday at Boston's Long Wharf are being organized by Revolution 250 , a collaboration of organizations commemorating the 250th anniversary of key moments that led to America's independence from Britain.

Revolution 250 chair Robert Allison says the arrival of British soldiers "was the event that turned political conflict between Boston and the British Parliament into a Revolution."

Over the next eight years, Revolution 250 will commemorate events including the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party and the Battle at Bunker Hill.

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PHOTO: Getty Images

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