State Touts Restoration Of Habitat For Endangered Terns

MARION, Mass. (AP) — State officials say the terns have returned to Bird Island.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife says it has successfully completed habitat restoration efforts on the tiny Buzzards Bay island, one of only three major nesting sites in the U.S. for the federally endangered roseate tern.

Prior to restoration, the deteriorating seawall and erosion on Bird Island had cut the nesting area for terns in half, forcing many of the birds to find new homes during the nesting season from April through September.

Wildlife officials say the changes made since appear to have met with approval from the birds. They say the island now supports about 3,500 pairs of nesting terns.

The 2-acre island is also the site of the historic Bird Island Lighthouse, built almost 200 years ago.

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PHOTO: Getty Images

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