Lexington Police Arrest Indecent Exposure Suspect

lexington police indecent exposure

(Lexington Police Department)

LEXINGTON (WBZ-AM) -- Lexington Police have arrested a man they say exposed himself to members of the public on at least two occasions over the past few weeks, and are trying to determine if there were any other unreported incidents involving him.

In a post on their Facebook page, the department said the incidents reportedly happened near Cary Library on Clarke Street--the first on September 19 and the second on October 1, both shortly after 7 a.m. In both, the man reportedly called the victims over to his vehicle, then exposed himself to them as they walked up, before driving off laughing. 

The department said they identified and arrested a suspect, but did not release his identity, instead releasing the sketch shown above. They are asking the public to let them know if they have any additional information about the man, who drove a dark-colored pickup truck. They said he was not aggressive, and they don't believe there is any risk to the public.

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