'SNL' Takes Aim At Kavanaugh, McConnell, and Graham

NEW YORK (WBZ-AM) -- Never ones to shy away from what's in the public eye, Saturday Night Live took their aim at the Kavanaugh confirmation on this weekend's broadcast. 

Filled with beer and goggles, the spoof kicks off as CNN political correspondent Dana Bash, played by Heidi Garner, interviews a jubilant Senator Lindsey Graham, played by Kate McKinnon, in a post-game locker room celebration.

Susan Collins Says Kavanaugh Vote Was Not Political - Thumbnail Image

Susan Collins Says Kavanaugh Vote Was Not Political

"Seriously, this one is about the fans," McKinnon's Graham announces. "They've been there for us all week cheerin', and screamin' outside of our offices..."

"I'm sorry, you think those were fans?" Bash asks.

"Oh yeah, for sure. And I know that they agree with us because they're shouting out 'Me too!'"

Alex Moffit played Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer with a comical level of disinterest in the subject matter. "The Dems lost another one," Moffit said. "It's what we do now."

The skit also featured appearances by Senators Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, and Joe Manchin.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Ben Parker reports

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