Foul Language Heard Over Red Line PA System

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- MBTA Red Line riders got a foul-mouthed surprise during their Wednesday afternoon commute. But no, the system wasn't hacked--the MBTA says some juveniles apparently used the train's intercom system to broadcast the colorful language. 

A rider named Jon Campbell tweeted a video of the PA "announcement" and tagged the MBTA in it. That tweet is below--and we warn you that the audio is not safe for work:

MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo said that a pair of juveniles somehow gained access to an operator's cab in the middle of the train, and took over the PA system. He said that as soon as the T saw the tweets from passengers, they sent an official to meet that same train at the Quincy Adams station. When that official arrived, the juveniles ran off.

The MBTA thanked those who reported the incident, and apologized for any discomfort it caused.

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