New Study Finds Teen Driving With Teens Increases Death Risk

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BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) – A heads-up if you're the parent of a teenage driver.

A new AAA survey says those drivers put every-one on the road at risk of a deadly crash especially if they've got other teens along for the ride.

In fact the report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says there's a roughly 50-percent greater risk. This emphasizes the need for teen drivers to get adequate supervised training

Mary Maguire with AAA Northeast says when passengers who are at least 35 ride with a teen driver, the risk of a deadly crash goes 'down' nearly 10-percent.

“When they know someone more experienced is watching, and helping to supervise and also you know there’s a great argument in the research for another set of eyes especially when those eyes are the eyes are an adult. So you got  somebody else in the front seat saying ‘watch out there’s someone on the road there, there’s a cyclist’” Maguire said.

Government stats say in 2016 there were 33 traffic-related deaths in Massachusetts involving teens.

Ten were drivers...eleven were passengers and the rest were split between either being in other cars or on foot or riding bikes.

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Ben Parker (@RadioBenParker) reports.

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