Legalization of Pot Could Increase Auto Insurance Rates

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- Even if you don't smoke it, legalized pot could cost you more if you live in Massachusetts. 

Auto insurance rates will likely go up according to a new study by the insurance institute for highway safety shows an increase in car crashes in states where recreational marijuana is sold.

Accidents are up by 6 percent in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, all states that sell pot, compared with neighboring states where marijuana is not legal.

James Lynch, Chief Actuary at the insurance information institute says Massachusetts can expect to see a similar increase, resulting in higher auto insurance rates. 

AAA Northeast says it's concerned about the results of the study and any potential increase in car crashes. The agency is looking into the impact of pot sales on road safety and trying to come up with some common sense regulations for keeping drivers safe.

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