The Red Sox Thrive With Two Outs

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Steve Pearce. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- If you’ve watched the Red Sox this season, you know they have a dynamic offense, arguably the best in baseball. But the real story, at least this post season, is two-out production. 

Boston scored 68 runs in the playoffs. And 36 have come with two outs, including nine of 12 in their first two wins in the World Series, and all four Wednesday night. The Sox' three-run fifth included a run-scoring walk to Steve Pearce and a two-run single from JD Martinez. 

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Joe Buck Talks World Series, The 2018 Red Sox, And Boston's Dominance
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Alex Cora, Steve, what’s the secret behind the two out offense?

"Putting the ball in play in those situations is very important," Cora said. "We are living in an era that .210 with 30 homeruns and 70 RBIs is acceptable. It’s a good season. And we don’t believe that there are certain situations that a strike out is not just an out. We put the ball in play and they did again tonight. and that’s why we won the game."

"Just pass the baton," Pearce said. "Try to get great at bat. Take pitch by pitch. And I keep saying it, we just find ways to get it done. I mean, that’s really in a nutshell how the Boston Red Sox play."

Game Three tomorrow.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Adam Kaufman (@AdamMKaufman) reports



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