David Price To Media After World Series Win: 'I Hold All The Cards Now'

david price

David Price. (Harry How/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Red Sox ace David Price has a message for those in the media after proving he could pitch his team to victory at the championship level: "I hold all the cards now."

Following Boston's 2018 World Series win, Price spoke about the 2018 season, got emotional about his bond with his teammates, and displayed some of his characteristic disdain for the media that he says constantly doubted his abilities.

Price's ability to pitch well in the postseason was questioned by baseball reporters and commentators throughout 2018. When asked how he felt now that he's proved he can succeed in the World Series, Price lashed out a bit.

"It was tough, absolutely," he said. "To answer that question, in spring training, day in day out, over and over and over ... I hold all the cards now, and that feels so good. I can't tell you how good it feels to hold that Trump card. You guys have had it for a long time, you've played that card extremely well, but you don't have it anymore. None of you do. And that feels really good."

He still showed resentment for those in the media who doubted him because of his past arm issues, which saw him visit with Dr. James Andrews about forearm stiffness back in 2017.

"I told you guys, Dr. Andrews said I had a special elbow, and I'm sure you guys ridiculed me, and mocked me, and made fun of me, and did everything that you guys do," he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Adam Kaufman. "I wasn't lying when he told me that, and now you guys see that."

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So, Price still has a chip on his shoulder regarding the media--but he did show a lot of love for his teammates.

"It's the relationships that you make, why you do this, why you play this game. That's what makes this game so special," he said. "We're World Series champs, that's special. This is a very special team. We rallied together all year long, starting in spring training." 

And the fans?

"We'll see them all at that duck boat," he said.

Listen to Price's comments below:

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