2 Arrested After Quincy College Hazmat Incident

QUINCY (WBZ-AM) -- Two people were arrested after they allegedly opened a pepper spray can in Quincy College's student lounge, leaving six people sick and causing the building to be evacuated on Halloween night.

Quincy Police said on their Facebook page that Hannah Craig, 18, of Medford, and Samani Freeman, 19, of Mattapan, were seen on security cameras on the lounge's third floor using a can of pepper spray. They now face several charges, including two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

Fire officials responded to the building on Hancock Street around 5:30 p.m. for reports of a woman who had trouble breathing and pain in her side. In total, six people complained of similar symptoms, including trouble breathing, dizziness, coughing, and itchy skin. The building was evacuated, and determined safe around 9 p.m.

Jaydiah O'Brien was one of two students rushed to the hospital after suffering respiratory problems. She described the scene to WBZ-TV.

"My head started hurting, my eyes starting itching, my throat got itchy, we started coughing, started feeling dizzy," she said. "There was actually not like a real scent, but it was fumes, more fume-y than scent."

Acting Fire Chief Joe Jackson told WBZ-TV they were trying to determine whether or not the incident was part of a Halloween prank.

"We've taken that into consideration, we've taken the date into consideration," he said. "It might not be a coincidence, but we don't know that right now."

Police said Craig and Freeman were found nearby on Coddington Street, and that the two were arrested with a can of pepper spray.

Quincy College said classes will proceed as scheduled Thursday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Bernice Corpuz (@BerniceWBZ reports

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