Secretary Of State Bill Galvin Wins 7th Term

WBZ-AM Bill Galvin

BOSTON, MA (AP) — Democratic Secretary of State William Galvin, the longest serving statewide elected official in Massachusetts, has won a seventh four-year term by brushing back a challenge from Republican Anthony Amore.

The two split on several issues, including whether Massachusetts should adopt same-day voter registration.

Galvin Predicts High Voter Turnout  - Thumbnail Image

Galvin Predicts High Voter Turnout

Galvin said he supports the change. Amore opposed the proposal, saying he wasn't convinced it could be done securely.

Galvin argued Amore was following what he called a national Republican playbook of making it harder for people to vote, something Amore denied.

The contest was bitter at times, with Amore calling Galvin "a liar" and Galvin calling Amore "a faker" during one debate.

Galvin was first elected to the post in 1994.

(Photo: Bill Galvin)

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