Married At First Sight Couple From Boston Have A Baby

Jepthe Pierre and Shawniece Jackson Credit: Rony Camille/WBZ NewsRadio

Jepthe Pierre and Shawniece Jackson Credit: Rony Camille/WBZ NewsRadio

BOSTON, Mass (WBZ-AM/The New977R&B) —  For Shawnice Jackson of Quincy it was not 'love at first sight' when she met her husband Jepthe Pierre.

The pair met and married as complete strangers for the first time, having been paired by a team of relationship experts —that same day.

What sounds like an arranged marriage is actually real and captured on camera for reality television for the show titled Married At First Sight, produced by Kinetic Content, which airs on Lifetime Television.

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A film crew, spent eight weeks filming with the couple from August to October capturing the daily milestones of married life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

At the end of the eight weeks, they along with two other couples, faced with the decision to stay married or file for divorce, for all the world to see.

For the Jackson-Pierre’s – they stayed together at the end of the social experiment. While Shawniece was committed from the beginning, Jephte struggled to communicate his feelings with his new wife.

Fast forward a year later both now are parents of a baby girl – Laura Denise. 

And they are continuing to chronicle their story as parents in a brand new television series: Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After which airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. edt (check your local listings).

Speaking with WBZ NewsRadio’s Laurie Kirby, Shawniece and Jepthe describe the huge of faith the both took and the rocky times when they got 'Married At First Sight' last year and adjusting newfound attention from viewers around Boston.

You can hear the full interview with Laurie Kirby below.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Laurie Kirby (@LaurieWBZ) reports

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