NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for November 12, 2018

SNL Apology.  Last week, Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live made a joke about former Navy SEAL and current Texas Republican Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw.  Davidson mocked Crenshaw’s eyepatch (Crenshaw lost his eye in combat) and then was passive about how Crenshaw lost the eye.  After a week of criticism, SNL brought Crenshaw on the show for a face to face apology from Davidson.  Do you believe the apology is enough?  Was this a classy move by the show and all involved?  Call the show and join the discussion!

What is Tong Ren Healing All About?  Medical science has made extraordinary progress over the last few decades.  But sometimes, traditional medicine can only go so far.  What do you do when the normal, typical approach isn’t enough?   For some, Tong Ren has provided an answer.  Tom Tam, a Boston acupuncturist for more than three decades, has developed the healing technique of Tong Ren for those who have tried and failed to treat their ailments through traditional methods.  Tom and Julie Kalustian, one of his success stories, join Dan in the NightSide studio to talk about alternative healing and to take your questions.  Have you ever tried alternative healing or been interested in exploring other options?  Call in and add your voice to the mix!

Call 617-254-1030 to join the conversation.


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