First Snow Of Season Has Displaced Merrimack Valley Residents Worried

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LAWRENCE (WBZ-AM) -- November 26 can't come soon enough for Cheryl Gaudette.

She, her husband, and her two dogs have been living in one of the trailers on South Common that were set up for those left without heat and water by the gas fires and explosions in September in the Merrimack Valley. Now, Thursday's expected first snow of the season has her worried.

"I'm not getting my gas on until the 26th of November, so until then, we're here," she told WBZ NewsRadio's Bernice Corpuz. "It does worry me, because then I still have to go home and shovel."

Gaudette said she stops by her house every day to make sure everything is okay. She's hoping her pipes don't burst, and Columbia Gas is coming to her home to prevent that from happening.

"They drain the water out of the pipes and stuff like that," she said. "Then they put it with antifreze, winterize it so that the pipes don't burst."

She said living in the trailer "gets old fast."

"We're going through gas quite a bit, probably one [propane tank] a day, because of the fact that, between the cooking and the heat, they go pretty fast," she said.

Gaudette said there will be no cooking turkey in the trailer this Thanksgiving.

WBZ NewsRadio's Bernice Corpuz (@BerniceWBZ) reports

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