Patriots Look To Bye Week To Fix Problems

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Following New England's stunning loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon, fans and players alike are questioning the Patriots' makeup. 

"We're still trying to figure out - in ways - what our identity is, I know we'll be searching for that as long as the season goes because it always changes. That's part of football season," Brady said on WEEI. "But we really gotta work hard this week to figure out the things we need to do that are gonna help us the most going forward."

The 41-year-old quarterback singled himself out if the Patriots hope to make their third-straight Super Bowl appearance. "I gotta go out there and play my very best these next six weeks to give our team the best chance. And that's what I wanna do," Brady said. "That's what I'm gonna focus on in the next two weeks."

Julian Edelman, on the other hand, was less wordy. "We gotta fix it," Brady's faithful receiver said.

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