Kyrie Irving Clarifies Comments About Celtics' Leadership Needs

kyrie irving boston celtics

Kyrie Irving. (Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Kyrie Irving made headlines after the Celtics' lousy 1-4 road when he said the team needed more leadership.

"Right now, I think that it would be nice if we had someone that was a 15-year vet, 14-year vet that could just help us race along the regular season, understand that it's a long marathon rather than just a full-on sprint," he said.

Some questioned: Why not Al Horford or, Kyrie, why not you? You've won a championship.

After last night's win over the Bulls, Irving clarified his comments.

"I think I was speaking in general for where we are as a team, in terms of what we have in here as a group, and I was speaking to the responsibility that's put on me, as well as Al, as well as Mook and Gordon, to be the leaders of this team," he said. "And we're all relatively young as well--Al's the oldest out of all of us, but he's 13 years in, 12 years in. I think I was speaking, just in general, obviously there's a lot of movement going on in the league as usual around this time, but I wasn't speaking about anyone specific, I just was speaking to a vet that has been through a championship run, a few championship runs that's able to be patient with this team, as well as understand what we're going through of just figuring out the pieces and how they mesh well together, that's all."

The 8-6 Celts will host the East-leading Raptors tomorrow.

WBZ NewsRadio's Adam Kaufman (@AdamMKaufman) reports

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