Football Games Rescheduled Due To Cold

Credit: Arlington Community Media/YouTube

ARLINGTON, Mass (WBZ-AM) — Arlington High and Arlington Catholic are among the roughly two-dozen high schools that have already moved their "Turkey Day" games from Thursday to 'Wednesday because of the cold.

'Anthony Petriellis' is the "Arlington Catholic" coach tells WBZ-TV he doesn't love it -- but he understands.

"A lot of other high schools besides us also made the move you know I think they are just trying to watch out for the kids and I think that's the most important thing," he said.

But for all the other teams out there -- it's business as usual -- and that means final practice today with the big Thanksgiving day game set for Thursday.

Earlier this week in Braintree and Milton School and City officials there moved the annual game from Thursday to Wednesday prompting a massive response online. The game was moved back to Thursday.

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