A Thanksgiving Poem

BOSTON, Mass (WBZ-AM) — In his poetic way, our very own Poet Laureate Carl Stevens penned a heart felt to share his blessings on Thanksgiving Day 

A Thanksgiving Poem

By Carl Stevens

A baby crawls across the floor.

Life is what I am thankful for.

A breath a touch a laugh a tear the dawning of another year

A cup of coffee a breakfast feast the sun tiptoeing from the east. 

A dance at dusk a day of fun, still gratefully taking in oxygen. 

Two summers ago the news made me sad. 

Prostate cancer is what I had. 

I got radiation for 28 days and then the cancer went away.

Since that time it's kind of funny I feel like I'm playing with house money.

Doing good deeds occasionally sinning still happily vertical and often grinning.

I learn from mistakes and try to forget by remembering that I ain't dead yet.

Each day is a gift beneath the tree in the name on every gift is me.

Next birthday I'll be 64. 

Each day is what I'm thankful for.

The sun goes up and down again my sons slowly grow into men.

My body's got no internal strife.

I'm free to climb the tree of life. 

It's nice that time can be forgiving. 

the way I've lived I should not be living. 

So as you gather today a run that table give thanks that you all still are able.

You might argue with anger or fear but be glad that at least you're all still here. 

You can spit politics or curse the weather but acknowledge the time that you have together.

Embrace each hour with nothing to fear. 

Thanksgiving Day is you right here.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. 

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