Holiday Travel Causing Delays At Logan Airport

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Travelers dealt with long lines at Logan Airport today as many people headed home from the Thanksgiving holiday. The weather also appeared to be causing a bit of a problem

It was a busy morning at Terminal A, where most of the flights were on time--but a few people had to sit it out and wait. Abiola Omotoso told WBZ NewsRadio's Bernice Corpuz her relatives' flight to Atlanta was delayed. 

"The flight was originally supposed to leave at 8, but I think because of the fog, it's now delayed 'til like, 8:40 ... thank God it's delayed, because this line is really long, the line to check in," she said.

Chris Dinan was supposed to be back home in Ohio Sunday night, but his flight was delayed.

"It's just what happens, I'm pretty used to it by now," he said.

Instead of waiting at the airport, he decided to reschedule his flight. Now, he's well-rested and ready to get in line at the TSA checkpoint. Matt said he was also flying back to school in Ohio and was dealing with long lines.

"It's gonna be a popular time to fly out, because that's when they schedule all these flights, but I mean, it's not bad," he said. "Security's usually pretty smooth, so it gets through pretty quickly, but you gotta deal with it."

WBZ NewsRadio's Bernice Corpuz (@BerniceWBZ) reports

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