Huge Metal Menorah Recovered After Theft From Brookline Temple

BROOKLINE (WBZ-AM) -- A huge metal menorah weighing more than 300 pounds was taken in the middle of the night from the front of Temple Emeth in Brookline--and found on the side of the street less than a mile away by a Boston Police officer.

Rabbi Alan Turetz told WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens that, after consulting with police, he believes whoever took the menorah took it for the metal--he doesn't believe it was a hate crime.

"There was no other defacement of our property of any kind, no symbols painted on the temple, and no breakage of any kind," he said. "Simply a very heavy menorah that's probably quite valuable in terms of its metal."

Brookline Police Lt. Phillip Harrington said the menorah was processed for fingerprints, and officers are investigating to see if any surveillance cameras in the area picked up anything.

The menorah was damaged, but the rabbi said it can be repaired and will be placed in time in front of the temple where it was.

"It certainly appears to be an economic crime," Rabbi Turetz said. "But we are protecting ourselves in many ways, as are other temples and venues of all kinds. We all know the news, and I don't know if any sanctuary is a sanctuary anymore."

WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens (@carlwbz) reports 

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