Labrie Wants New Trial Blames Previous Lawyer

Court Gavel Generic (Getty Images/Royalty Free)

CONCORD, NH (WBZ-AM)  — Appellate defender Christopher Johnson argued before the New Hampshire State Supreme Court that former St Paul Preparatory School student Owen Labrie’s lawyers didn't effectively fight their case in his 2015 sexual assault trial.

“The lawyers had the raw material out of which to construct a defense 2nd that the entirely failed to communicate that defense to the jury and 3rd that they had no reasonable strategy to do this it was based on a misunderstanding of the law,” he said.

Johnson said the attorneys didn't present Labrie’s intent when he sent e-mails and Facebook messages to the victim to set up a date.

 Saying at that time Labrie’s intent was not to lure the freshman into sex. For that felony, computer crime conviction, Labrie must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Shari Small (@ShariSmallNews) reports

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