2 Arrested In Wild Daytime Shooting In Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE (WBZ-AM) -- A brazen daylight gun battle near MIT Thursday afternoon left two men arrested and one of them injured.

The shooting began around 2:30 p.m. near Chestnut and Sidney Streets. Cambridge Police responded there, and two vehicles took off from the scene shooting at one another. One of those vehicles stopped in the area of Land Boulevard and Binney Street, and officers moved in to arrest those inside.

A gun was recovered near Memorial Drive, and Cambridge Police Commissioner Branville Bard said he believes that at least a dozen shots were fired at the various locations.

"It rips at your feelings of safety--broad daylight, middle of the afternoon, on a school day, when you've got folks brazen enough to discharge weapons in the middle of the highway," the commissioner said. "It's disturbing."

Bard called the injured man's gunshot wound "superficial."

Police are asking for the public's help in searching for the other vehicle and at least one other gunman.

WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens (@carlwbz) reports

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