Letters From Boston Mobster Hoped For 'Peaceful Death'

James Whitey Bulger

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) — Published reports show Boston mobster Whitey Bulger hoped for a 'peaceful death'. That comes from letters Bulger wrote from prison.

According to The Boston Globe, Bulger wrote a series of letters over the past few years that talked about his worsening health problems and in one letter had written that he hoped to die in his sleep.

Some of those letters to a former convict, Charlie Hopkins,  were obtained by the paper and in one from July of 2017 Bulger wrote that he could barely breath - with pain so bad he couldn't think too straight.

Bulger was murdered in a West Virginia federal prison last month, and his health had been in question as he was transferred from Florida to Oklahoma and eventually to the federal prison where he was killed.

According to the globe, officials had claimed that Bulgers health had dramatically improved prior to his transfer and Hopkins says he felt obligated to share the letters to show that Bulgers health was poor.

Hopkins says, Bulger, a couple of times felt sure that he was dying.

And says he's speaking out and sharing the letters “to try to get justice for Whitey”

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