NFL Never Interviewed Kareem Hunt After Domestic Violence

Kareem Hunt chiefs kansas city

Kareem Hunt. (Jason Hanna/Getty Images )

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The Patriots earned a win over the Vikings Sunday, but Pats fans were probably upset prior to the game.

According to multiple reports, the NFL chose not to interview recently-released Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt during its investigation of a domestic violence incident that took place last February. The league didn't speak with the woman involved, either.

Hunt offered his side of the story to Kansas City months ago, lying about the facts of the case. The league was content with that information and nobody reacted until last week, when a hotel video finally surfaced.

So to be clear--the NFL spent years and millions and millions of dollars to suspend Tom Brady four games, fine the Patriots $1 million, and docked them a first round draft pick, all the while demanding Brady's phone records and taking him to the U.S. Second Court of Appeals because the QB followed the ideal gas law and they believed he was generally aware of playing with deflated footballs.

Tell me again how the league wasn't targeting the Patriots in that investigation?

WBZ NewsRadio's Adam Kaufman (@AdamMKaufman) reports

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