Jamaica Plain Considers Space Saver Ban

space savers

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

JAMAICA PLAIN (WBZ-AM) -- The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council is considering a proposal to join the South End in imposing a four-year ban on space savers that allow residents to claim a shoveled-out parking space.

But as WBZ NewsRadio's Bill Marcus found, there's little support for the proposal.

"I don't think they should be banned," said Travis Woods, a barista at the JP coffee shop Espresso Yourself. "I think if you are putting in the work to get that space clear for your car, you should be able to lay claim to that spot. As long as there's snow there, you did the work, that should be your spot."

Luis Juan Gomez said he supports the current rules, which allow for space savers for 48 hours after a snow emergency is over. 

"I think there should be a limit on how long you can save a space, but definitely not ban it," he said.

Matt, the barber at Professional Barber Shop on South Street, said he likes the current snow-emergency compromise, too.

"I like what they came up with a few years ago, after 2015," he said. 

For now, though, there's no decision--consideration of the proposal has been put off until January 8.

WBZ NewsRadio's Bill Marcus (@BillinChina) reports

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