Cambridge Startup Partners With TSA To Help Find Your Lost Items

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- It's almost a fact of life--if you travel through airports, you're likely to lose things.

Now, Rejjee is here to help you out. The Cambridge startup has signed a deal with the TSA to help you get your lost items back. 

Rejjee began its business four years ago, tracking down stolen bikes from the MBTA. Now, security checkpoints around the world want in to the database.

The app keeps a database of all things lost at checkpoints. Co-founder Ken Smith told WBZ NewsRadio's Jeff Brown you can log in to find where your stuff might be. 

"There's no download, there's no cost," Smith said. "You just go online, file your report or search, and we'll help you recover it."

This does not include checked luggage--that's a different system entirely--but does help with the big problem of lost laptops and mobile devices.

"There's about 12,000 that go missing every single week, and that represents a significant cybersecurity risk," Smith said.

It's not surprising which ones go missing most--Apple iPhones and iPads are among the most common items Smith sees on the list.

The cybersecurity risk comes because about half of us either don't create a password or use rudimentary ones, and that in itself is a problem.

"Anybody who finds that phone--if they can log into your screen, they can likely get into your LinkedIn account, maybe your Facebook account, maybe your company account.

Rejjee has linked with TSA at more than 700 checkpoints in 50 airports across the country. They get daily feeds from the TSA, so they're never more than 24 hours old. Smith said TSA doesn't want your stuff.

"TSA might likely have it, and they log it, and they're very careful with it, and they protect it, and they'd love to get it back to you," he said.

Logan Airport isn't on the list yet, but Smith said they're working on it.

WBZ NewsRadio's Jeff Brown (@jeffbrownwbz) reports

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