Boston Bids Long Adieu To Plastic Bags

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BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) — Boston is set to say goodbye to plastic bags at retail shops in Boston.  

Starting Friday, Boston will become the 16th Community in the Commonwealth to enforce a ban on the plastic bags at stores that 20,000 square feet or larger.

In April, the ban will move to stores 10,000 square feet. Stores smaller than 10,000 square feet will begin the ban on July 1. 

The ordinance which was passed by a unanimous vote by the City Council in November of 2017 aims at reducing litter and pollution. The City is encouraging people to use their own reusable bags to stores. 

According to The City, the new ordinance states that compostable, reusable, or recyclable paper bags must be sold for at least five cents, though stores can charge more. The cost for bags must be advertised within five feet of checkout.

The new ordinance does not include:

  • newspaper bags
  • bags used to wrap produce, frozen food, meat, or fish
  • laundry and dry-cleaner bags, and
  • trash can liners.

Businesses can file for an exemption by Friday by demonstrating that:

  • it has no reasonable alternatives to plastic bags
  • compliance would deprive of a legally protected right, or
  • there is a need to use up an existing plastic bag inventory. Businesses need to fill out an exemption application monthly.

You can get more info on the ban on The City of Boston Website

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