Hospital, Town Officials Work To Avoid Traffic Congestion From Pot Store

Tobey Hospital in Wareham, MA

WAREHAM, MA (WBZ-AM) — As more recreational cannabis shops open up across the Commonwealth one community plans on avoiding traffic and parking messes.

In Wareham's Tobey Hospital's Emergency Department is directly located across the street from Verilife which plans to open to the public on Tuesday.

Both the hospital and the Pot shop on Main Street -- one of the town's busy thoroughfares. 

Hospital and Town Officials are taking extra steps to ensure that does not happen.

Customers will need to park at Water Wizz of Cape Cod which is about 3-miles away and be shuttled by bus to avoid any foot traffic or additional car volume.

Maureen Boyle, Public Information Officer with Southcoast Health, which runs Tobey Hospital, tells WBZ NewsRadio their hospital has been working with Town Officials to make sure things run smoothly next week.

"It's an opportunity to just plan ahead who are coming to plan ahead follow the outlined plan and to keep in mind that there is a very busy emergency department there and that the area needs to stay clear," for patient access she said.

Listen to the Full Interview Below. 

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