Three Arrested With 150 Pounds Of Pot At Logan Airport

Logan Marijuana bust

(Massachusetts State Police)

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts State Police say travelers tried to smuggle more than 150 pounds of marijuana in suitcases through Logan International Airport.

State Police say California residents Jerry McNair, Ladonna Hardman and Saudia Watson were arrested Saturday at the airport.

Police say they received a tip from law enforcement in Sacramento County that McNair and Hardman were traveling with large amounts of marijuana in several suitcases.

Police say when the two arrived at the baggage claim area in Logan, they noticed that a third person with them had similar luggage.

Police say searches of their luggage turned up more than 150 pounds of marijuana.

The three have been charged with conspiracy to marijuana trafficking and other offenses. They're expected to appear in court Monday and it wasn't immediately clear if they have lawyers.

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