Boston Active Sober Community Looking To Raise $1 Million By End Of Year

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- With the opioid crisis spiraling out of control, an active sober community that supports addiction recovery through CrossFit, cycling, climbing, yoga, and more recently opened a gym space in Boston. 

"The Phoenix is a sober active community for people in recovery and those who choose to live sober," Deputy Executive Director Jacquelyn Hillios told WBZ NewsRadio's Laurie Kirby. "We utilize the intrinsic transformative power of physical activity and social connection to help people heal and build new lives in recovery."

The community's classes and activities are free for anyone who is 48 hours clean and sober. 

The Phoenix began in Boulder, Colorado in 2006. On their website, they say they've helped 26,000 people across the country "to believe they have the strength to rise from the ashes of addiction through the support of those who are walking that very same path." 

Now, they've opened a space at 54 Newmarket Square in Boston that will serve as an anchor chapter.

"We don't have a physical location in every one of our offerings, we have places that work remotely in the community," Hillios said. "But here in Boston, we thought it was really critical to have a location that could be a beacon of hope for Boston and for people to recover here, because the opioid crisis is out of control."

They're active in 12 states and 14 communities, some with brick-and-mortar facilities and some remote.

The community is funded through traditional efforts like individual donations and grants, and they currently have a $1 million match grant campaign running thanks to an anonymous donor. You can donate on their website at

"I'm sometimes at a loss for words, because I've seen so many people suffering," Hillios said. "I know that we're gonna be saving lives here."

Hear the full interview below.

Listen to WBZ NewsRadio's Laurie Kirby (@LaurieWBZ) interview Jacquelyn Hillios, Deputy Executive Director and Director of Research at The Phoenix 

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