NH Woman Saves Man In Philadelphia Airport

MANCHESTER, NH (WBZ-AM) -- Kriss Blevins, a woman from Manchester, NH  was rushing across a Philadelphia terminal to get to her connecting flight to Manchester Saturday when she saw a man face down in trouble.

As a certified EMT, she ran right toward him to help. 

The man, was not breathing, was blue to the face and had no pulse. 

Blevins got an AED from a security officer who then helped her in CPR, breathed into this man and said some prayers, and suddenly he started to breathe.

"It's was his Christmas miracle," she said.

While Blevens missed her connecting flight back home but she saved a life.

"Everyone that has messaged me that is close to him have said 'you have no idea...this is a man who has done so much for so many people' so now I can't wait to hear his story," Blevens said.

The family of man, whose name is Frank, told WBZ NewsRadio that they are grateful for Blevins quick help.

"Frank is a wonderful guy and is very loved by everyone he comes across, I'm not quite sure if he would be here right now if Kriss didn't jump into action, My whole family is so very grateful for her and she has no idea what gift she gave us for Christmas, a gift of life," said Shelby Casale, a family relative.

WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports.

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