Gov. Charlie Baker Begins Second Term Thursday

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) — It's official.  Charlie Baker has entered his 2nd term as Governor of Massachusetts 

He was named the most popular governor in America, and when he ran for re-election, it was a November landslide. On Beacon Hill, he's about to become the first Republican governor since Bill Weld to be sworn in for a second consecutive term.

So, what now?

Speaking before a joint session of the Commonwealth House and Senate at Beacon Hill Baker was optimistic at his second inauguration.

Baker did not use the term Republican, nor did he use the word Democrat as he touted his first term and outlined his second.

He called for a crackdown on dangerous offenders, $8-Billion dollars in transit funding saying that previous administrations didn't want to because it was too complicated and too hard. 

Baker also wants to equalize education, saying he will include a way to refigure how funds are distributed in the next budget. 

He also urged people to turn away from today's political discourse.

“In the era of SnapChats, Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, put-downs and smackdowns, I'd ask all of you to remember that that good public policy is often about perseverance and collaboration, Many times it's a story written frame by frame written by many players," he said "Let others engage in cheap shots and low blows. Let’s make our brand of politics positive and optimistic, instead of cruel and dark,"

His other priorities include creating more housing and helping cities and towns prepare for the threats posed by climate change.

WBZ NewsRadio's Karyn Regal (@KarynRegal) reports

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