Apple Watch Alerts NH Man of Heart Issue

NASHUA, NH (WBZ-AM) — Barry Maden is known as the tech geek. 

He bought an Apple Watch because of a feature that calls 9-1-1 if he falls but it's another feature that ended up making it well worth the splurge.

Around the holidays Maden started feeling a little funny, but he chalked it up to holiday travel stress and anxiety.

Come the New Year, he still felt a bit off so he put on his new watch.

It told him he had an irregular heartbeat and was advised by the watch that he should seek medical attention.

Still not convinced but after a day and a half of the same reading, he decided to go to the Emergency Department at his local hospital and sure enough and EKG was done and revealed

"It was pretty quickly I was in AFIB and it was accurate," Maden said. 

Maden was sedated and doctors essentially stopped and restarted his heart.

Now Maden makes sure his new high-tech gadget is on his wrist every day.

WBZ NewsRadio's Shari Small (@ShariSmallNews) reports.

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