Coyote Snatches Small Dog As Sightings Rise In Haverhill


Coyote. (David C Stephens)

HAVERHILL (WBZ-AM) — A Haverhill woman's small dog was taken away by a coyote, as police warned of an uptick in sightings of the creatures.

Elizabeth Infante's Maltese, Diesel, was snatched from right next to her as she leaned into her car, the Eagle-Tribune reports.

"It's just so traumatic, it's just horrible," Infante told the paper. "To just have it snatched away—it's like a little baby being taken away."

The incident comes days after Haverhill Police warned residents that there had been several coyote sightings in the city recently.

In a post on their Facebook page, the department shared tips from the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife that included not trying to feed or pet coyotes, securing trash, and scaring the animals away with loud noises or bright lights.

More tips on living in close proximity to coyotes can be found from

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