DOJ: Russians Using Discovery Materials to Run Disinformation Campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C. ( WBZ NewsRadio /TTWN) — According to the U.S Department of Justice, a pro-Russian twitter account used non-public material from a criminal case that Robert Mueller's team brought against a Russian social media company in an effort to discredit the ongoing Russia probe.

Read Motion Filed By The U.S. Department of Justice

Federal prosecutors wrote in a new filing from the justice department that "that" publication of documents had been shared with defense attorneys

But not made public in the case and is yet another disinformation campaign from Russia -- this time aimed at discrediting Mueller's investigation.

The Special Counsel's Office says the account used to publish the discovery materials was registered by a user with an IP address that resides in Russia.

The documents did not contain sensitive information that could harm American national security -- but should have never reached the public's view, the prosecutors said.

The Twitter account has since been suspended. The FBI has found no evidence that U.S. Government servers, including servers used by the Special Counsel's Office, fell victim to any computer intrusion.

Candace Gordon with TTWN (24/7 News Source) Contributed To This Report

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