Quincy Police Rescue A Tiny Owl

quincy police tiny owl saw-whet

Quincy Police Officer Kaes with a tiny owl he rescued. (Quincy Police)

QUINCY (WBZ-AM) — Quincy Police saved a tiny, feathered friend Tuesday night—something the officer involved has made a bit of a habit of doing.

The department posted a photo of Officer Kaes holding a saw-whet owl to their Facebook page last night.

Saw-whet owls are among the smallest owl species in North America. The Massachusetts Audubon Society said they get their name because the sounds they make are similar to "the noise produced by filing the teeth of a large saw.”

"Officer Kaes “escorted” it to the #Weymouth New England Wildlife Center to be examined," Quincy Police said.

They added that it was Officer Kaes' third owl rescue.

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