WATCH: A Carl Stevens Poem For Gary LaPierre

(Credit: Carl Stevens/Twitter)

By Carl Stevens, WBZ NewsRadio

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) -- WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens wrote a poem in remembrance of legendary WBZ NewsRadio anchor,GaryLaPierre, who died Monday at the age of 76.

I didn't know much about radio.

How it could sound, where it could go...

How to put magic into the air,

Until I heard Gary LaPierre.

When I listened to him, I was chasing a star,

Drawn to the voice that I heard in my car.

He was my mentor. He was my friend.

Now his life has come to an end.

He was as good as you can get. 

But now that shining sun has set.

How many mornings began with his voice

Telling New England's girls and boys

Whether they had school on a winter day?

Can that voice ever really go away?

He told us that man was now on the moon,

That Martin Luther King was taken too soon,

That the Beatles were at Suffolk Downs to sing,

That the Patriots had won their first Super Bowl rings.

For his listeners he presented reality,

Could such a gift be confined by mortality?

I know that his breath from us is severed,

But for me, that voice will live forever.

He gave us the headlines, the stories, the facts...

We counted on him. He had all our backs.

He commanded the words and the stories he said.

He gave us the truth as we rose from our beds.

And at work he was filled with such laughter and joy,

He cherished his craft, wide-eyed like a boy...

I can hear the echo of that laughter still,

Filling the newsroom, him and Gil.

He kept the boat of news from going adrift.

He was our captain. He was our gift.

Thank you for sharing what was given to you,

For doing it right, for seeing it through.

With your soul in heaven, and your voice in the air,

I say thank you, my friend, Gary Lapierre.

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